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Doctoral dissertation

  • AY2016-2017(H28-29)
    • AY2017(H29)
      Kamgain Towa Olivier William Wildlife Abundance and Bushmeat Hunting in Southeast Cameroon: Implications for Sustainable Management in African Rainforests
      Hitomi Kirikoshi Linkages and Nodes between Multi-ethnic Groups beyond the Climate Zones in West Africa:
      Livelihoods and Kola-nut Business in Forest and Savanna Regions
      Yushi Yanohara An Ethnography of Hip-Hop Culture in Cameron
      Xiaojie Tian Regeneration of Ethno-biological Knowledge in Children’s Daily Practices:
      With Special Focus on Pastoral Maasai in Southern Kenya
  • AY2011-2015(H23-27)
    • AY2015(H27)
      Akira Asada The Arabs beyond Borders:
      Realities of Hadhrami Immigrants in Zanzibar
      Ryota Yamaguchi Practice and Narrative on Witchcraft among the Bakwele Farmers in Southeastern Cameroon
      Mariko Noguchi Life and Social Relationships of the Elderly in African Agricultural Communities:
      A Case Study of the Aari in Southwestern Ethiopia
      Koji Sonoda Social Interaction of Baka Hunter-Gatherer Children in Cameroon
      Peng Yujie An Anthropological Study on the Tattoo Practice among the Baka Hunter-Gatherers in Southeastern Cameroon
      Yanyin Zi Co-shaping the Image of China:
      Social Interactions at China Shops in Botswana
      Haruka Arii Life Stories of Women in Rural Ethiopia:
      Their Acceptance and Interpretation of School Education
      Kei Aoki Creoleness of Cabo Verde:
      The Transition of Morna and the Formation of a Creole Identity
      Ryosuke Imanaka A Study on Social Interactions of Children’s Peer Group in Rural Society of Malinke, West Africa
      Yumi Yamane Conservation Ecology of Wild Leopards in and around Nairobi National Park, Kenya
      Samuel Tefera Alemu Re-harmonizing the Changes in Livestock Mobility, Land Use and Sedentarization in Hamer, Southwestern Ethiopia
      Antonie Lyson Chigeda Nurturing Deliberative Democracy in Public Secondary Schools in Malawi:
      School Governance and Pedagogies
      Njukwe Kouopkwa Emmanuel Farmer Participation in Research-for-Development to Enhance Cassava Production in Cameroon
      Naoaki Izumi Socio-Economic Change of Agro-Pastoral Settlers and Their Co-Existence with Local Population:
      A Case Study of the Sukuma on the Rukwa Lakeshore in Tanzania
      Sota Harako Relationship between Human and Natural Environment in Shifting Cultivation System of Rice in Tanzania:
      A Case of a Remote Village Located in the Upper Area of the Rufiji River
      Midori Daimon Social Interactions among African Urban Youth in the Creation of Entertainment
      Karioki, the Site of Meeting in Kampala, Uganda
      Toshikazu Tanaka Area Study of Indigenous Plowing System in Africa
      The Potential of Ox-plow Agriculture among the Oromo of the Central Ethiopian Highlands
      Akie Kyo Reconstructing Lives and Social Relationships of the People Affected by Leprosy in Zambia
      Yui Sunano Life Style and Agriculture of the People Having Sorghum Beer for Subsistence:
      A Case Study of Dirashe Area in Southern Ethiopia
      Takanori Oishi Interactions between Farmers and Hunter-Gatherers in Southeastern Cameroon
      Dynamics of Ethnic Boundaries under the Penetration of Market Economy
      Mikako Toda Sociality of People with Disabilities in Cameroon: An Anthropological Study on their Subsistence and Care Practice
      Tomohiro Fujita Encroachment of Tropical Montane Forest into Miombo Woodland in South-East Africa: Importance of Seed Dispersal and Facilitative Effects on Tree Establishment
      Nobuyuki Sekino Environmental Sociological Study on Fisheries Resource Management in the Bamboung Community-Based Marine Protected Area, Senegal: Prospect of Entangled Legitimacies
      Ngalande Sande Nsenga Proverbs in Zambia: Linguistic, Ethnographic and Logical Analyses
      Itsuhiro Hazama A Study on the Livestock-Human Co-living among the Eastern Niles in Northeastern Uganda
      Yoshimasa Ito Forest Utilization and Vegetation Change in the Highland of Southwestern Ethiopia
      A Socio-ecological Study on the “Coffee Forest”
      Kana Yamamoto Changes of Land Use in Seasonal Swamps and Discords among the Farmers
      A Case of Mbozi Plateau in Tanzania
      Noriko Narisawa Diversification of Women’s Livelihood and Reorganization of Gender Relations in Rural AfricaA Case Study of the Tonga in Zambia
      Chihiro Ito The Mobility of Rural People and Social Change in Zambia
      Shinichiro Hisada Participatory Area Studies Utilizing P3DM (Participatory 3 Dimensional Modeling) in Ethiopian Agrarian Village
      An Interface Development for Practical Use of Spatial Information
      Koki Teshirogi Geo-ecological Environment and Human Activity in Arid Land of Namibia
      Chisato Yamashina The Ecological Functions of Termite Mounds in Mopane Vegetation of Northern Namibia
      Duli Shaleka Teshome Projecting Continuity, Embracing Diversity:
      The Experience of Religious Change by Sidama People of Ethiopia
      Kagari Shikata Potentials of Shifting Cultivation in African Rainforest:
      An Agroecological Study on the Integration of Subsistence and Commercial Farrming
  • AY2006-2010(H18-22)
    • AY2010(H22)
      Yasunori Kanda Changes of the Farming System and Mutual Trials for Endogenous Development in the Semi-arid Area of Tanzania
      With Special Referencen to the Expansion of Paddy Cultivation in Usoche Village, Mbozi District
      Soichiro Shiraishi Anthropological Study on Agricultural Commercialization and Reformation of Communality in Rural East Africa
      A Case Study on the Sabiny in Uganda
      Yudai Ishimoto A Study on the Livelihood System in Semi-Arid Area of Burkina Faso:
      Integrated Analysis on Adaptation and Coping Behavior for Drought and Insect Damage
      Ryuta Takahashi A Socio-Economic Study on Rural Development in Senegal:
      Toward Construction of Partnership among State, Market and Community
      Haruna Yatsuka A Study on Natural Resource Use among the Sandawe in Tanzania:
      Implications for Modernization of Hunting and Gathering Societies
      Hiroki Sato The Foraging Strategy of Common Brown Lemurs and the Importance as Seed Dispersers in a Dry Deciduous Forest in Northwestern Madagascar
      Miyo Nagakura Matsumoto Socio-economic Transition and Land Use Change in a Mountain Area of Lesotho
      Noa Nishimoto A Descriptive Study of the Tandroy Dialect of Malagasy
      Sayaka Ogawa Anthropological Study of Business Practices of Urban Small-scale Traders in Africa
      Rumiko Murao Livelihood Strategy in a Rural Area of Western Zambia under the Influence of Angolan Refugees
      Itsushi Kawase Area Studies on the Interactive Visual-representation in Africa
      Kikuko Sakai A Study on Market Women in a Kenyan Local City, Machakos:
      With Special Reference to Market Replanning by the Local Administration and Circulation of Farm Products
      Akito Yasuda Sport Hunting and Livelihoods of Local People in Protected Areas of Africa:
      A Case Study of Benoue National Park, Cameroon
      Satoko Endo Characteristics of Pagne Dress and its Development Process in Burkina Faso
      Yukiyo Oda Gender and Women’s Economic Activity in Urban Africa:
      A Case Study of Hairdressing in Accra, Ghana
      Toru Sagawa Dynamics of War and Peace in East African Pastoral Societies:
      Inter-Ethnic Relations between the Daasanach and their Neighboring Peoples
      Naoki Naito An Ethnographic Study on Identity, Mobility and Development among Ariaal Pastoralists of Northern Kenya
      Yasuaki Sato Studies on the Formation of Life-world of African Cultivators
      Ethnoscience of Banana among the Baganda, Central Uganda
      Masaaki Hirai Livelihood Change and Vegetation Management in a Densely Populated Area of West African Savanna
      The Case of the Sereer in Senegal
      Yuichiro Fujioka Socio-economic and Natural Environmental Changes in Agro-pastoral Society of Namibia
      Asami Kabasawa Study on the Historical Background and Current Functions of Chimpanzee Sanctuaries
      Hirokazu Yasuoka Rethinking Ecological Bases of Hunter-Gatherer Subsistence in the African Rainforests
      Yuko Sugiyama Social Ecology as Villagers’ Logic on Shifting Cultivation in Contemporary Africa
      A Case Study of the Bemba of Miombo Woodland, Zambia
      Jun Ikeno A Socio-economic Study on Rural Transformation in Tanzania:
      From a Perspective of Local Initiative
      Kyoko Nakamura Collectiveness among the Youth and their Individualization
      Recent Transformation of the Age System of the Samburu in Kenya
      Masahiro Okamoto Continuity and Flexibility of Mixed Subsistence in the Floodplain of the Upper Zambezi Valley
      A Case Study of the Lozi in Western Zambia
      Junko Maruyama Transition to Post-foraging Society
      Resettlement and Reorganization of Social Relationships among the San in Botswana
      Fumi Kondo Creative Development of Indigenous Agriculture and Mutual Labour Exchange System in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania
      With Special Reference to Valley-Bottom Cultivation and Slash-and-Burn Cultivation Based on Agroforestry
      Ryugo Kurosaki External Impacts and the Emerging Processes Endogenous Movements in the Matengo Highlands, Tanzania
      Shiho Hattori Conservation of Tropical Rainforests and the Culture of Forest People
      The Case of Baka Hunter-gatherers in Southeastern Cameroon
      Asante Belle Community Engagement in Cultural Heritage Management:
      Case Studies of Museums in Harar and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
      Futoshi Kato Dynamics of Indigenous Rice Cultivation and Multi-factorial Land Use in a Flood Plain:
      A Case Study of Kilombero Valley, Tanzania
      Makoto Nishi Creating Counterpublics through the Activity of Community Based OrganizationsThe Cases of Gurage Road Construction Organization and Burial Associations in Ethiopia
      Mutua Charles Musyoki Human- Wildlife Conflict in KenyaCrop Raiding by Elephants and Other Wildlife in Mahiga ‘B’Village of Nyeri District
      Yukitoshi Sunano Postcolonial State and Language:
      Language and Society in Senegal, a Francophone State
  • AY2002-2005(H15-17)
    • AY2005(H17)
      Morie Kaneko Contextualizing the Process of Pottery Making Learning, Praxis, and Creativity of Community-based Technology by Woman Craft Workers among the Ari, Southwestern Ethiopia
      David Gongwe Mhando Farmers’ Coping Strategies with the Changes of Coffee Marketing System after Economic Liberalization
      The Case of Mbinga District, Tanzania
      Dastun Gabriel Msuya Farming Systems and Indigenous Technologies of Finger Millet (Elusine coracana) Production in Southwestern Tanzania
      Shinya Konaka A Study on the Juxtaposition of Subsistence and Market Economies in a Pastoral SocietyThe Case of the Samburu in Northcentral Kenya
      Daniel Baheta The Dynamics of Formal Education during Wartime and Its Impact on the Rural People of Eritrea
      Xiaogang Sun Continuity and Dynamics of Pastoral Subsistence among the Rendille in Northern KenyaWith Special Reference to Livestock Management and Response to Socio-Economic Changes
      Nobuko Nishizaki Formation of Community Conservation for Wildlife Management in Ethiopia
      Yukino Iwai Local livelihood transformation imposed by wildlife conservation in Western Serengeti, Tanzania
      Stephen Justice Nindi Dynamics of land use systems and environmental management in the Matengo highlands, Tanzania
      Mamo Hebo Wabe Land, Local Custom and State ‘Laws’A Study of Land Tenure Systems and Land Disputes Settlements among Arsii Oromo, Southern Ethiopia
      Shinichiro Ichino Socio-ecological Study of Ring-tailed Lemurs (Lemur catta) at Berenty Reserve, Madagascar
      Daisuke Bundo Social Interaction in Spirit Ritual and Musical Practices among the Baka Pygmies in Southeastern Cameroon
      Akira Takada The development of social interaction among the San of Southern Africa.

Pre-doctoral thesis

  • AY2016-2017(H28-29)
    • AY2017(H29)
      Daiki Kobayashi Firewood Collection and Utilization by the Local Population around the Kakamega Forest Reserve in Kenya
      Kohjun Hori Cropping System and Landuse of Kiga Farmers in Densely Populated Mountain Region of Southwestern Uganda
      Tomoki Ikebe Labor as Religious Practice: The Case of Baye Fall Community in Mouride Sufi Brotherhood, Senrgal
      Mareyuki Ebata Creation and Growth of the Sacred Places Doany in Imerina, Madagascar:
      Focusing on the Role of their Guardians Mpiandry
      Ryogo Abe Solid Waste Collection Management in Morogoro, Tanzania:
      With Reference to the Cooperation between Administrations and Residents
      Takuma Otani Operations of Motorbike Taxis and Social Networks among the Drivers in Urban Uganda
      Kazuki Kawamata Characteristics of the Distribution System in the Ethiopian Coffee Industry
      Yuriko Sugiyama Reorganization of San Society in New Xade, Botswana: Analysis of Changes in Funeral Customs
      Ryutaro Tara Impacts of Charcoal Production on Natural Vegetation around Local City: A Case Study of Semi-arid Area in Tanzania
      Manaha Horitaka Music Practices in Urban Senegal: The Case Study of Traditional Wolof Drums Tama
      Ran Muratsu New Religious Trends in Southern Benin
      Qu Huangqi Development of Local Irrigated Rice Cultivation System by Use of Fishing Dam in the Shore of Nyasa, Tanzania
  • AY2011- 2015(H23-27)
    • AY2015(H27)
      Aya Yokotsuka How Local Perceptions of Bonobos Become Diversified:
      Comparison Between Inside and Outside of Luo Scientific Reserve, DR Congo
      Miki Yoshizumi Economic and Social Activities of Persons with Physical Disabilities and Supports to Them among the Samburu in Kenya
      Keitarou Sekiguchi The Underlying Structure of Social Changes in the Central Kalahari, Botswana:
      With Special Reference to the Strategies for Avoiding Conflict among the Residents of Kacgae Settlement
      Ayako Sekino Sharing of Plant-Based Food among Women in Hunter-Gatherer Societies:
      The Case of Baka Hunter-Gatherers in Southeastern Cameroon
      Nobuko Yamazaki Multifold Social Relationships between Refugees and Their Host Population
      Atsuki Shibata Livelihood of Local Residents at Bwabwata National Park in Northeastern Namibia with Special Reference to Topography and Vegetation
      Uozumi Koji A Study of Changes in the Community-based Organizations in the Rural Areas of Cameroon:
      Focusing on the Impact of the Development Projects
      Shunsuke Matsukuma Conflict over Tourism Business, Negotiation, and Mutual Concession among the Shompole Maasai in Southern Kenya
      Shizuka Asada The Potential of Biomass Briquettes from Garbage in Urban Uganda:
      Concerning Solid Waste Management, Eating Habits, and Cooking Custom
      Yasushi Miyaki Expansion of Land Enclosure among the Pastoral Datoga on Eyasi Lakeshore in Northern Tanzania
      Shingo Takamura Reorganizing the Distribution Networks in Post-conflict Society:
      Case of Eastern Province in DR-Congo
      Keigo Tsuyuki Relationships between Human Activities and Vegetation in Semi-Arid Area, Northern Namibia
      Mei Nakagawa Livelihood Diversification and Women’s Role in Rural Area of Southwestern Part of Uganda
      Natsumi Mitarai Black Identity:
      A Comparative Study in Senegal, France and the Antilles
      Yoshino Wada A Socio-Economic Survey on Seaweed Farming in Zanzibar Island, Tanzania
      Masaya Hara Multi-ethnic Agricultural Community and Importance of Cassava Cultivation under Household Livelihood in Northwestern Zambia
      Ryota Yoneda Narratives of Illness and Witchcraft
      Relations between Traditional Healer’s Healing Practices and Discourse of Witchcraft in Northern Malawi
      Yuki Yoshimura Penetration of Money Economy and Livelihood Change in the Bemba Villages of Northern Zambia
      Shoko Tobiyama The Change of Natural Environments and Harvesting Livelihood in Relation to !Nara Plants of Namib Desert
      Sakiko Nishio Study on Contemporary Visual Art in Nairobi, Kenya:
      Representation of Slum and Neighborhood Social Relations by Artist Groups Based in Informal Settlements
      Nobu Inazumi Changes in Herd Management among the Pastoral Pokot in Kenya:
      Sedentarization and Autonomous Foraging of Livestock
      Tomoko Yagi A Study on Fish Pedlar in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture
      Sayo Yamamori Study on History of Educational Policy in Tanzania
      Takashi Katagiri Impacts of Human Activities to the Ecological Environment in Saloum Delta, Senegal:
      Focus on Salt Pans and Mangrove Distribution
      Yujie Peng Continuity and Diffusion of Body Adornments among the Baka Hunter-Gatherers
      Focusing on their Body Modification
      Haruka Arii Schooling and Life-course of Female in Rural Africa
      The Case of Maale, Southwestern Ethiopia
      Yanyin Zi Coping with Frictions in a Saturated Market
      A Case of China Shop in Botswana
      Teruya Maehata Conservation Biology of Bird Communities in the Spiny Forest Area of Southern Madagascar
      Sarama Tsunoda Human Ecological Study on the Architectural Style of House in Pemba Island, Tanzania
      Daisuke Shimoya A Socio-Economic Study on Taxi-Brousse in Madagascar
      Focusing on Service in Vatomandry City
      Kosuke Hara Ecological Analysis of Snow Algae and Bacteria on Tropical Glaciers of Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda
      Hiroko Kawaguchi A Study of Compensation for Death and Dedication to the Dead among the Acholi in Northern Uganda
      Haruka Ushiku A Socio-Economic Study on Production and Marketing of Basket for Export in Northeastern Ghana
      Samuel Tefera Alemu Livestock Mobility and Grazing Enclosures in a Changing Livelihood Context among the Hamer in Southern Ethiopia
      Yoshie Minami Women’s Housewares and their Usage in an Agricultural Community of Africa:
      Focusing on the Kitchenware of Ari People in Southwestern Ethiopia
      Yukiko Kondo A Study on Process of ‘Family’ Reconfiguration in Post-Conflict Rwanda
      Jiro Niwa The Lukenyi Language:
      A Description and Consideration of its Substantiality
      Moriyuki Maegawa Characteristics of Telecommunication in a Regional Town and its Environs in South Africa:
      A Case Study of Port St Johns
      Kazuki Kusunoki Pastoral Livestock Marketing in East Africa:
      Camel Marketing of the Somali in Northern Kenya
      Koji Sonoda Involvement in Face-to-Face Interaction among the Baka Pygmies in Cameroon
  • AY2006-2010(H18-22)
    • AY2010(H22)
      Ryota Imanaka A Study of Children’s Association in Rural Mali
      Kumiko Yoshikawa Kikamba as a Saucer of Landrace Diversity:
      A Concept of Crop Landraces in Ukambani, Kenya
      Ryota Yamaguchi How to Deal with Misfortunes:
      A Case of Bakwele, South-East Cameroon
      Mariko Noguchi Care and Daily Practice of the Elderly People in Southwestern Ethiopia
      Reiko Hayasaka An Anthropological Study on “Mbororo” among Fulbe Society in Cameroon
      Chihiro Kumashiro Women’s Associations in a Rural Area of Burkina Faso
      Yasuhiro Yamase A Sociolinguistic Study of Multilingualism in the Republic of Benin, in Particular Reference to Fon
      Yukako Ono Experiences of Child Soldiers in Modern Regional Conflict:
      A Case Study of Acholiland in Northern Uganda
      Kosuke Sato A Study of Popular Music in Tombouctou, Mali, in its Relation to the Cultural Characteristics of the Region:
      Analysis Focused on the Activities of Sonrhai Musicians Singing in Multilingual Situations
      Yui Sunano Production and Utilization of Sorghum in Dirasha Special Wareda,Ethiopia
      With Special Reference to Functions of Underground Granary
      Toshikazu Tanaka The Potential of Indigenous Ox-Plow Agriculture in Africa
      A Focus on Tilling Practice among the Oromo of the Central Ethiopia
      Takehiro Ido A Study on the Process of Land Expansion and Local Community in a Resettlement Area of Zimbabwe
      Noa Nishimoto A Grammatical Study of the Antandroy Dialect of Malagasy
      Mikako Toda People with Disabilities in Cameroon:
      Their Practice and its Social Context
      Midori Daimon How the African Urban Youth Materialize their Coexistence:
      Group Formatiom and Program Arrangement of “Karioki Show” in Kampala,Uganda
      Hiroki Sato The Importance of the Common Brown Lemur (Eulemur fulvus) as a Seed Dispersal Agent in a Dry Deciduous Forest in Northwestern Madagascar
      Naomi Kanno Reality and Problems in the Treatment of HIV/AIDS in Africa:
      A Case Study of Patient’s Participation Treatment in a Hospital in Mozambique
      Yushi Yanohara Hiphop Culture Practiced by the Youth in Yaounde, Cameroon:
      The Situation of Anglophone Youths and Their Creation
      Azusa Shuto The Meaning of the British Emancipation to the Krio of Sierra Leone
      Dilu SHALEKA
      Changes and Continuities in Socio-Cultural Milieu of a Local Religious Institution among the Sidama of Southern Ethiopia
      Akie Kyo The Health Care System in a Village of Ex-Leprosy Patients in Zambia
      Masako Yamamoto Contemporary Roles of Associations in Western Nigeria
      Naoaki Izumi What Are Competent Breeding Cows? :
      Practices of Japanese Shorthorn Farmers Compared with the Government Breeding Policy in Northern Kitakami Mountains.
      Tomohiro Fujita Vegetational Change and Human Activities in Subtropical Woodland of Malawi
      Masako Ota A Historical Study of Photography in Senegal
      Yumiko Katayama Agriculture and social relationships in the middle Gambia River basin ; with special reference to land, labor and diet
      Mayuko Inoue A Study on the “Souvenir Artists ” in Zanzibar , Tanzania
      Process of Inventing and Copying New Styles
      Yumi Nakayama Local Integration and Human Security of Refugees in Africa:
      A Case Study of Mayukwayukwa Settlement, Zambia
      Yumi Yamane Diversity of Relationship between People and Wildlife in Kenya:
      The Current Status of Wildlife Conservation at Nairobi Animal Orphanage
      Tetsuya Nakamura A Livelihood of Tonga Peasant Farmers in Mountainous Area, Southern Zambia
      Koki Teshirogi The Relationship between Vegetation Pattern and Grazing Activity in Mopane Savanna of NamibiaAn Approach from Geomorphologic Environment
      Iku Asada A Sufi Order of the Holy Men:
      The Presence of Tariqa ‘Alawiyya in Contemporary Zanzibar
      Chisato Yamashina Landscape of Semi-Arid Area in Namibia
      from the View Point of Termite-Mounds, Vegetations and Human Activities
      Chihiro Ito Social and Economic Role of Labor Migration in African Rural Area
      A Case Study in Southern Province, Zambia
      Sota Harako The Rice Shifting Cultivation System for Subsistence in a Remote Village of the Bena-manga in Southern Tanzania:
      With Special Reference to the Functional and Social Significances of Various Landraces
      Hiroaki Miyata The Agricultural Potential of Homegardens Based on Root Crops in the Highlands of Southwestern Ethiopia
      Shinya Irie The social hierarchy in modern context :
      Focusing on Inehadan, the artisans in Tuareg society, in Sahel-Sahara,Mali
      Miyo Nagakura Matsumoto Agro-pastoral Land use in relation to natural environments in a mountain area of Lesotho
      Hiroshi Shakakibara Birth and development of a culture as seen in Zanzibar door designs
      Rie Shimomura “The development process of paddy cultivation in the Msangano trough of southwestern TanzaniaA case study of Ntinga Village, Mbozi District”
      Shinano Matsuura A Socio-Economic Study on the Pottery Production in North Pare, Tanzania
      A Case Study of a Women Potters’ Group, UKU.
      Noriko Narisawa Diversified livelihood of women in rural Tonga, Zambia:
      New relationship between cooperative and individual activities
      Wataru Shoji Livestock Feeding Behavior and Rangeland Vegetation among the Turkana in Northwestern Kenya
      Miho Ito Utilization and management of Raphia palm (Raphia hookeri) in tropical forest region of the Republic of Guinea
  • AY2001-2005(H13-17)
    • AY2005(H17)
      Ryuta Yoshikawa The Social Change and Change of Land Use in Eastern Zambia Involving Creation of New Fields by Chewa Farmer
      Haruna Yatsuka Mosaic Like Vegetation and Its Utilization by the Sandawe in the Semi-arid Area in Tanzania with Special Reference to the Itigi Thicket
      Katsuyuki Mizouchi A Study on the Rural-Urban Relation in TanzaniaWith Special Reference to a Chagga Village
      Yoshimasa Ito Wild Plant Utilization in the Highland Forest Area of South Western Ethiopia
      -Relationships between People and “Gera Forest”in Gera Wereda, Jimma Zone
      Hiraku Usui Changes in the Ecological Resource Use among the Serer Fishermen in the Mangrove Estuary in Midwestern Senegal
      Akito Yasuda The Relationship between Conservation Project and the Local People in the Benoue National Park, Cameroon
      Dependence and Conflict on Sport Hunting
      Mifuyu Yoshida Change in Elephant-Human Relationship over Natural Environment in Area, North Western Namibia
      Ryuta Takahashi Agricultural Development and Rural Society in Senegal
      A Case Study of Village “T” in the Lower Senegal River
      Yasunori Kanda The spreading Process of Paddy Cultivation and Coexistence of Wanda and the Sukuma Peoples in the Semi-Arid Area of Tanzania
      A Case Study of Usoche Village in Mbozi Distirct
      Hiroyuki Inai Fishing Activities in the Tropical Rainforest in Cameroon
      Kazue Awaji Sorghum Cultivation in the Semi-Arid Area of Southern Zambia
      -Whith Special Reference to Crop Growth and Farmer’s Strategy in Drought Prone Area
      Ikuno Suzuki Changes in Children’s Communal Labour Activity in The Ari Area in Southwestern Ethiopia
      Effects of School Education and Protestant Christianity
      Sayaka Seko People’s Perception of Diseases and Practices of Indigenous Medicine:
      Case Study of an Herbalist’s Activities in Villages Surrounding Arusha Town in Tanzania
      Ryugo Kurosaki Peoples’ Responses to Rural Development Dynamics in Southern Tanzania
      With Special Reference to Interpretation of “Development”by Key Stakeholders
      Masashi Iida Women’s Organisation in Socio-Political Change in Zimbabwe
      Yoichi Kawanishi Handcraft and Distribution System of African Blackwood Carvings in the Tourist IndustryCase Study of Mwenge Area in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
      Futoshi Kato Ecosystem and Management of Rain-Fed Rice Cultivation in Kilombero Flood Plain, Tanzania
      Ryuichi Shima The Social Influence of Local Radio Broadcasting
      The Case of Sapone Village,Central BurkinaFaso
      Itsushi Kawase Ethiopian minstrels-Azmari :
      their musical performance and livelihood
      Shin Itagaki Cultivating the slope
      masuve cultivation system among the Kinga ,southern-highlands of Tanzania
      Yukiyo Oda Women working at hairdressing :
      A case study of a rapidly increasing business among women in urban Ghana
      Miki Shu The Sino-Tanzanian Relations and the Making of Tanzania’s Ujamaa Development Policy in the 1960s
      Ryoko Miyashita Study on Receut Pentecostal Movements in Malawi
      Yuichiro Fujioka Utilization of trees and its change among the Ovambo agro -pastoralists in Northern Namibia
      Daisuke Uno Farmer’s selection of pearl millet between local and improved varieties in Ovamboland, Northern Namibia
      Masaaki Ito A study on vegetational change of !Nara plant and Topnaar’s life in the lower Kuiseb river, Namib Desert
      Asante Belle Craft Association and Traditional Basketry among Harari Women in Ethiopia
      Takehiro Yamamoto Khat (Catha edulis) and People in Sidama :
      Production, distribution and consumption of the narcotic plant in southern Ethiopia
      Yasuaki Sato Ethnobotanical Study of Bananas
      Cultivation, Utilization and Classification in Buganda Area, Central Uganda
      Satoko Endo A study on the clothes of Burkina Faso women
      Yudai Ishimoto Study on the Livelihood System of Agropastoralists in the Sahel
      Kagari Shikata The characteristics of shifting-cultivation in South-eastern Cameroon forest with special reference to crops and clearing methods The characteristics of shifting-cultivation
      Sayaka Ogawa A study on trade of second hand clothes in the local mega-city,Mwanza,Tanzania
      Masaaki Hirai Utilization,Creation and Transformation of Acacia albida Farmed Parkland
      with Special Reference to the Mixed Agriculture in Central-West Senegal
      Rumiko Murao A Study on the shifting cultivation system in Kalahari woodland,Western Zambia – with special reference to cassava management –
      Shiho Hattori The Impacts of the Nature Conservation Project on the Baka Hunter-gatherers in the Tropical Rain Forest of Cameroon
      Takayo Soma Feeding Ecology of Ring-Tailed Lemurs(Lemur catta) at Berenty Reserve,Madagascar
      Toru Sagawa Utilization of Coffee and its Historical Backround among the Daasanetch in Southwestern Ethiopia
      Daniel Baheta The Effect of Formal Education on Livelihood of Rural People in Eritrea:
      A Case Study of Settler Village,Gadien
      Junko Maruyama Resettlement, Livelihood and Social Relationships among the San in Botswana
      Ayako Hirasawa Infant Care among the sedentarized hunter-gatherer Baka in Southeastern Cameroon
      Tatsuo Hasegawa Sustainability and Development of Livelihood in Agro-Pastoral Gogo
      Fumi Kondo Agro-ecological Study on the Valley Bottom Cultivation in Southern Highland of Tanzania