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Jiro Tanaka

≪Anthropology, Area study, Kalahari desert, Hunter-Gatherer, Bushmen, Modernization, Indigenous people≫

Makoto Kakeya

≪Ecological anthropology, Ecology and society of shifting cultivators, Rural development, Leveling mechanism, African ways for development, Internal frontier, agricultural intensification, Tanzania, Zambia≫

Mitsuo Ichikawa

≪Anthropology, African Area Studies/Coexistence of human with nature in tropical Africa/Wildlife, Forest conservation, Resource Use, Indigenous knowledge≫

Shuhei Shimada

≪Nigeria Research, Political ecology, Vulnerability, Conflict regions in Africa≫

Shigeru Araki

≪Tropical pedology, Tropical agricultural ecology/Studies for red soil in Africa, Practical area studies, Swidden cultivation, Cassava, Virtual earth≫

Shigeki Kaji

≪Linguistics・African area studies / African studies based on linguistic description / Language and culture≫

Itaru Ohta

≪African area studies, Anthropology, African pastoral societies, conflict resolution, peace building, local practice, indigenous/local/traditional knowledge and institutions, development, social change, risk management, coexistence≫

Jun Ikeno

≪Area Study, Tanzanian Study, Rural Socio-economic Transformation, Livelihood Strategy, East African Economy≫

Daiji Kimura

≪Anthropology, Communication theory / African tropical rain forest, Agriculturist, Hunter-Gatherer≫