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The library in DAAS has about 6,900 books in Japanese and about 19,000 books in foreign languages on African issues. There are also prominent collections, such as Dr. Douglas Jones’s collection [1,280 items, note 1] and the Kirk Green collection [3,453 items, note 2], in the Africa library. In 2017, the library introduced an online database of confidential British diplomatic documents, Confidential Print: Africa, 1834–1966, to DAAS members, which is only accessible using the Kyoto University intra-network. There are also audio materials on local African languages [100 items] and ethnographic documentaries on Africa.

Note 1 the Douglas Jones collection: Dr. Douglas Jones was part of the first generation of African Studies in the U.K. This collection is based on his books and materials regarding the history and folklore of West Africa.

Note 2 the Kirk Green collection: Dr. Kirk Green retired in 1992. Part of his collection is now in the library of DAAS. He worked for the British colonial authorities in Nigeria; at the same time, he was performing research on African Studies. After returning to the U.K., he taught at Oxford University and some universities in the U.S. The collection in our library covers a broad range of issues in Africa, such as African history from the colonial period to the present, ethnographies, politics, and economics. In particular, it has a good collection of statistics from government offices, historical documents, and political materials from Nigeria.

Reference Room in Africa Library

You can request for access to academic journals, audio and visual materials, and doctoral theses of graduate students at DAAS. There are 97 academic journals in Japanese and 380 academic journals in foreign languages. As of February 2018, you can view 85 doctoral theses and 164 pre-doctoral theses.