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What happens next after you have an acceptance letter?

Most procedures for entrance to ASAFAS, Kyoto University, require a supervisor’s support. You need to communicate with your supervisor after receiving an acceptance letter from ASAFAS, Kyoto University. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY all documents/booklets regarding the procedure of entering ASAFAS, Kyoto University.

The required procedures before entrance

The information on this website does not provide the latest details. Please check the detailed information regarding the documents and booklets from ASAFAS, Kyoto University, with the acceptance letter.

  • 1. Payment of an entrance fee; self-supporting students only
    * Students can apply for exemption from the payment of the entrance fee [inquiry regarding the deadline for and form of application.]
  • 2. Application for Kyoto University dormitory [inquiry regarding the deadline for application]
  • 3. Obtaining a Japanese visa [inquire regarding the time schedule and required documents.]
  • 4. Obtaining personal accident insurance for students while pursuing education and research <compulsory in principle> [inquire regarding the deadline for transferring the money]
  • 5. Registration for Japanese courses [website registration, the period of registration for the first semester is from the end of March to the beginning of April; inquire regarding the period of registration]
    *All international students can apply for Japanese courses. Taking Japanese courses for at the least six months is required for MEXT scholarship students.
    *When you register for Japanese courses, you need to make a reservation for the placement test.