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Support Program for fieldworks in Africa

Postgraduate students launch their fieldwork in Africa (African Area Studies On-Site Seminar) utilizing the research support program offered by the Center for On-Site Education and Research. Please check the program contents offered in the year after your enrolment as the program outline is revised almost every year. Moreover, postgraduate students may also use field stations in Africa operated by Center for African Area Studies, Kyoto University (in research stations in Ethiopia, Cameroon, Tanzania, Nairobi, Niger (temporarily inactivated) and southern Africa (Zambia and Namibia)).

Field Station

Centre for On-Site Education and Research

The Centre offers partial financial support to cover the expenses for the research activities of postgraduate students traveling for fieldwork. The application open call is made at a designated time every year. Please confirm the information every academic year, as the support contents and the application period change every year.